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Three Gecko Feeding Tips

Cute little lizards are popular pets. They don’t need a lot of walks on leashes or a litter box, although there is some cleaning involved. But these little guys need to eat the right way, and that’s where some good knowledge can help owners to care for their gecko pets effectively.

We offer all sorts of food products and reptile accessories. Here are some of the tips we provide for our customers on how to feed their lizards.

Make Sure Your Lizard Food Has the Good Stuff

One big rule of thumb is to look carefully at the formulation of your lizard food products. Lizards do eat fruit, for example, but experts suggest that only a certain percentage of their diet should be made up of dried fruits.

We carry the Pangea line of gecko food products that has carefully formulated balances for your lizard friends. You might know that these products contain fruit, but did you also know that they contain ingredients like egg and bee pollen? It’s all part of a deliberate science in providing your lizard with a balanced diet that will keep him or her in good condition. The more you read up about this food science, the better you will be able to help your little guy or gal to tuck into the grub. 

Spray Before Eating

If your lizard is being finicky at the dinner table, you may be able to get results by spraying or misting the lizard directly before mealtime. Science on geckos suggests that they may develop more of an appetite after getting a slight misting because of natural instinct. You also want to make sure that your lizard food is accessible, and there aren’t too many distractions nearby.

Mix Well

Another good tip is to carefully mix the formulated solution with water to the right consistency. We suggest that your lizard food should be about the texture of ketchup or, of a slightly runnier viscosity. You don’t want it to be watery, but it shouldn’t be too thick either.

An 8 ounce package of food should last your reptile critter at least a month and a half or more. Investing in these types of reptile comforts and accessories helps to equip your pets for good quality of life and longevity.

For more, check out our winning reptilian ecommerce store. We have put work into enhancing the life of your tiny lizard! Bookmark us to get all of your gecko gear and improve your reptile’s environment. 

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