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Harness For A Lizard

Harness For A Lizard

Want to take your lizard on a leash?

It might sound strange to people who have never owned a reptile. However, much like our furry friends, some of our reptilian brethren can do well with a harness or leash when you’re out in public. Here are a few key things to know.

Leashes Are For Lizards

First and foremost, it’s important to know that while there are some types of collars and harnesses for snakes, they are few and far between, and the idea of putting a leash on a snake is a joke to most people. There are items called snake hooks that people sometimes use.

It’s much more common to see a lizard in a harness or on a leash, because it has legs. That’s common sense. But many people don’t even know about the lizard leash. They might think that’s a joke too!

Exposure to Sunlight

It’s advantageous to get your lizard out and expose it to sunlight on a regular basis. That’s one of the main reasons that people create harnesses or leashes or buy them for their lizard pets.

Climbing Trees

What happens if you just take your lizard out without a leash or harness? For one thing, it can scamper up a tree and get lost.

Like dogs and cats, lizards know how to run and hide. Some lizards have a personality that will compel them to stick around, and some don’t. Like other animals, they can be distracted by prey or other stimuli and run off. You don’t want this to happen! That’s why a leash or a harness is important. Also, nobody can accuse your beloved lizard of attacking them! (just kidding, kind of).

A Good Fit

One of the most basic things to consider with a lizard leash is the fit. Some people have tried making a lizard leach out of an old T-shirt and a piece of string. What happens, too often, is that there’s enough slack in these materials that the lizard just slips out and goes about its regular business.

With that in mind, it may make more sense to use metal or plastic or sturdier, stiffer material – of course, you want to cushion all of this from your pet’s skin to avoid chafing and other problems.

There are good harnesses and leashes you can buy right here at Reptile Related Stuff. In fact, that’s what we’re here for! Get all of the gear you need to take care of your cold-blooded pet in style.

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